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Nerine Petros

Today we have new a Nerine Petros visiting us. Nerine's first book is available from 12th October.

Tell us a bit about yourself please Nerine.

Nerine started talking at the age of four, and over 20 years later, hasn’t stopped since. Parents desperation led to reading as a means of finding an off button, and it must have worked, because speed forward 15 years, and eNovels are now the guilty pleasure of choice. Owning way too many, it really was more than past time for Nerine to listen to all the little voices upstairs and write a few of those stories. You can follow the journey at

All stories are read alone, but become enhanced as part of the series.

Shifting Perspectives Book One: Oliver and Angus


Oliver lives in Australia. Specifically, in a rural town owned by a shifter wolf pack. Life is good, but lonely, with companionship at least a four day drive away.

Unexpectedly, five new faces move to town, shaking the very foundations Oliver has lived with his entire life. Now, Oliver will need to decide if he is ready to let go of loneliness forever, or if all those teeth will be just a little too much to handle.


"Thanks for bringing that out for us," Fynn said.

"That's all right. It was nice to have a walk around the property and see how it's all come together for you," Oliver responded from inside the back of the van as he helped carry the meat inside.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get out there this week. Fergus is waiting for a part for the ute, and Kyran and Aden are using the other two vehicles."

"It's no worries," Oliver assured him, meaning it.

They walked into the kitchen together, and Oliver again admired it as he had done earlier on his tour. It was beautiful; the brothers had done a good job. Oliver could hear a rumble in the study as he walked past this time, and wondered who was home.

In the kitchen, Oliver placed the last of the order on the bench for Fynn and moved to the door to head back out, starting to make his goodbyes.

"Not leaving us so soon, are you?" a deep voice asked.

Oliver turned and immediately lost himself in the most intense pair of eyes he had ever seen, entranced by the amber color.

"Uh... umn... nahar..." was all Oliver could stammer. This was obviously the source of the rumble from the study, and of course, Oliver, standing in front of the one man he would have liked to actually impress, managed to become tongue-tied.

"'Course he's not, you just didn't give me time to tell him he was here for dinner whether he liked it or not," Oliver heard Fynn respond as if from far away. He had yet to disconnect his gaze from Angus.

"Good," Fynn's Alpha answered. "I am Angus, and while Fynn is cooking and we are waiting for the others, I will show you around."

He should have known, Oliver thought later, that when he hadn't been able to tell Angus he had had already seen the property, Oliver was in big, big trouble.

As they were walking the property, Oliver could hear Angus talking about current plans, future improvements, and other things of the like, but all Oliver could concentrate on was the broad, solid shoulders and firm, molded buttocks of the handsome-as-sin man walking in front of him.

To distract himself, Oliver thought he had better pretend he had been paying attention, and sought a question that wouldn't show just how much he had missed.

"Do you miss it? Fraser Island, I mean. Do you regret having to move here?" Oliver blurted out before he could censor his mouth. Angus turned to face him as the Alpha thought over a response.

"This is our barrabooka now. K'gara used to be our hunting grounds, but the native Dingos there are endangered now. The government is working to help, and that includes tagging. Could you imagine the life of a tagged shifter? No, a move out here was necessary, and we are resilient, we will adapt. We will exchange golden sands for bronze earth."

Before Oliver could blink, Angus moved so fast that Oliver was pushed face first against a gum tree, Angus speaking softly into his ear. "Besides, what type of man would I be if I could not be happy that such a move has brought you into my life? My name means 'One Choice,' my little boorri, and as my mate, you are that choice."

If you enjoyed Nerine's post please check out her blog for more information.

This sounds like an interesting series Nerine and I wish you lots of luck with your books. It was nice getting to know you. Linda

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