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Jocelyn Devon

Today we welcome Jocelyn Devon to the blog.

This is what Jocelyn has to say of herself

A small town country girl who married the love of her life and has remained close to her roots. They have three sons and two dogs. Jocelyn Devon has been writing since 2007 with such titles released as Haunted Embrace and Dark Legacy. Jocelyn now writes for Red Rose Publishing where her latest and only released story can be found titled Wild Souls.

Jocelyn Devon

Wild Souls
Red Rose Publishing

Blurb: Can Eliza's and Hank's marriage be saved or is it already too late after his affair with town tart Sylvia? Her home wrecking ways threaten to end all three of their lives. HIV, looms over them like a dark shroud. Can any be saved?

Sterling an ancient vampire mourns the loss of his beloved Alana. He never thought he'd find another woman to take her place. Yet, he finds hope in Eliza. Will Eliza accept his dark gift before it's too late? Can she find it within herself to love a creature of the night? Is it possible his love can cure her?

Excerpt: This is the only way. Remorse filled him at the thought of taking her life to give her a new one, but if he didn't he would lose her forever. He had searched for a millennium for just the right woman and now that he found her there was no way in hell he'd let her go so quickly. The council be damned, he had only turned two people since he had become a vampire. For centuries he had held the council in high esteem and abided by their laws faithfully, but when they allowed the murder of his wife to go without punishment he had turned his back on them and all that they stood for. He answered unto no one but himself.

Gently, he sat on the side of the bed. She stirred slightly when his fingers caressed her cheek. He couldn’t help himself he needed to touch her. She felt so warm, so vibrant, so full of life it astounded him and yet death clung to her.

Please, if there is truly a God, let her accept me as I am.

“Hmm.” Her soft sigh embraced him.

He resisted the urge to bury his face in the swells of her breast as her gown slid from one shoulder revealing her flawless skin. Desire raged through his body demanding appeasement. A low guttural moan escaped him as he fought the beast within him for control once more. No, Eliza deserved more than just a quick tumble in the sack. She was like a fine wine that needed to be savored.

There is so much I want to give you Eliza. So many fantastical things we can do together, and the places we can visit.

His heart raced at the thought of this beautiful woman spending the rest of eternity with him if the fates allowed it. At long last she would be his. There was nobody to keep them apart. He had truly thought that after Alana he would never be able to love again, but Eliza had changed all of that. She had made him see there was still a reason for living.

“Eliza, my love, I have come for you. I need you and I want you by my side forever. Please say you’ll be mine.” Tenderly, he caressed her cheek marveling in the sheer perfection of her. Just that one little touch was enough to send his predator hormones into overdrive. He shifted his weight upon the bed trying to ease the increasing bulge in his jeans. But no matter how hard he tried he knew the only thing that would ease the ache would be him buried inside her warm folds as she screamed his name out into the night. He shuddered as images of them lying together naked and totally engulfed in each other played in his head.

I promise my love to make every moment of your new life a happy one.

Still, she slept. He gathered her to him as he sat on the edge of her bed. The springs creaked under the protest of his weight. He wrapped his arms protectively around her. The pulse at the base of her throat beckoned him as the hunger within rose like a ravenous carnivore. It wasn’t the need to feed that drove him on, it was the need to possess, the need to at long last have the woman he loved. He nuzzled her neck as one hand cupped the full mound of her breast still covered by her night gown. His thumb rubbing the small nub of her nipple until it stood at full attention.

“Hmm… Eliza, how I need you,” he whispered, against her soft skin imprinting the memory of her, this night upon his soul. This would be a night that neither of them would ever forget.

Book Reviews

"...a roller coaster of emotions as it brings to life the trials and tribulations of an adulterous spouse, while descriptively detailing the heartache of a broken marriage incapable of being repaired." ~ Pamela Jenewein, Romance at Heart Magazine

Sounds Like a good book Jocelyn. It was nice having you here to give us a taste of your book.

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  1. Great premise, Linda. Sounds like a lovely read. You gave us just enough of an excerpt to feel the rollercoaster ride.
    I'll be looking forward to reading.
    Thanks for sharing.