Saturday, 4 September 2010

Introducing the Blog

My name is Linda Sole. I write sagas and sometimes crime stories as Linda Sole. I also write historical romances as Anne Herries and I've written under other names, including Anne Ireland, but this blog isn't about me. it is about authors I know and like who are happy to talk to others about their writing. My first guest will be here soon.


  1. Linda, your books sound intriguing. I'd like to be a guest on your blog.
    Learn more about me on my website.

  2. Hi Linda, Congratulations on your new blog. Love the look of it and LOVE all your books. Wishing you great success!! Love, S

  3. Thank you to both visitors who left a comment. I hope lots will, especially when we start to get the authors up. Linda

  4. Hi Linda. I'm an EP author. I don't know your email addy. Can I book a november slot on your blog please to coincide with my new release. Thanks