Thursday, 7 October 2010

Cornelia Amirir

Hi Cornelia

Welcome to the blog. Please tell us about yourself and your books.

I’m romance author, Cornelia Amiri, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about my Celtic/Romance books. I love history, my favorite time periods and people are the Dark Age and Ancient Celts. It’s a time period few people have accurate knowledge of, so I have to make a world previously unknown to the reader, real to them, just like fantasy and sci-fi authors do. I use fantasy to bring the readers into the belief system of the characters. I want to make the druid teachings of the times come alive to the readers. So in my books, people can shapeshift, there are selkies, dead ancestors cross over to speak with you and help you out, gods fall in love with humans, and, from time to time, dragons visit from their alternate dimension. Drawing on my love of history and fifteen years of research on the ancient Celts, I write these tales of long swords, hot heroes, and warrior women. My nine Celtic/Paranormal/Romance books are:

Druid Bride --- The fate of Caledonia rests in the hands of the Warrior and the Druidess. Will they put their differences aside to fulfill their destiny?
Druid Quest - Relive the magic, myth, and adventure of ancient Britannia as two druids fight for their lives, their faith, and their love
Queen of Kings - As wild, strong, and beautiful as the land she rules, all men lust for her, warriors and kings bow to her might and magic, but one champion comes forth with a white bull and true love.

A Fine Cauldron of Fish - It's summer on the Isle of Man and Andrew’s looking for hot girls and good times when he meets Margaid. She lives in a cave under the sea, is invisible, and thinks that only Andrew's blood can save her from turning into a kelpie! But hey, whoever said love was perfect!?

The Fox Prince – Tryffin a Celtic prince searches for and finds his true love, Aelfrida, a Saxon slave. But Aelfrida is not sure about the match and must decide between vengeance or love.

One Heart One Way - An ancient god, a magic sword, and a hot prince, named Blaise.
Danger Is Sweet - From ancient druid lore, springs the tale of a mysterious, dark warrior, a fiery Pict Princess, and the shadowy secret standing between them.
The Vixen Princess - A ghost is called forth from the grave to bring a sword-wielding widow together with a dark, muscular warrior, and open their locked hearts with the magic of love.

Timeless Voyage - Love isn’t bound by the limits of time
My tenth book will be released 12/07/10, The Wolf and the Druidess - A god leaves the Otherworld and even risks his life … for love.

Druid Bride's publisher is Eternal Press - also for The Wolf and the Druidess, and Queen of Kings and A Fine Caludron of Fish.

Druid Quest, Fox Prince, Vixen Princess, One Heart One Way, and Danger Is Sweet, are published by Awe Struck Ebooks.

Timeless Voyage is published by All Romance E-books for the American Heart Association and all proceeds for that book go to the American Heart Association.

For more information please visit my web site at

It was nice having you here Conelia. Your books sound great and I wish you lots of luck with them. It is great that you have given your royalties on one of your books to the American Heart Association. Well done you!

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  1. Oh I love Celtic lore. My first book was based on the discovery of the Urumchi Mummies (caucasian) in the Taklamakan Desert in northern china, believed to be Tocharian Celts. The research was amazing and I sometimes got lost in the research.

    Great post. And books sound wonderful.