Friday, 15 October 2010

Kari Thomas

Today we have Kari Thomas with us. She has popped in to tell us about herself, her writing and her achievements. The books look good, Kari. We wish you well with them and much future sucess.

Writing keeps me sane! Honest! When people ask me why I spend so much time lost in my writing world I tell them that. Of course, they always want a better explanation (as they carefully back away from me! LOL!). The truth is, my imagination has no limits. I'm constantly thinking of new story ideas, etc. I started creating stories when I was old enough to write. My mom encouraged me --probably to keep me from driving her crazy too! By the time I was 13 I had finished a 300 page YA Mystery and sent it out into the publishing world. Of course, it was rejected. And my "future fame" as an author was nearly crushed. Still, after the initial shock of repeating the mantra: "WHAT! They didnt want my Best Seller book? What's wrong with them?", I finally went back to writing and creating more stories. Life intruded, as life does, and I found myself writing little spurts here and there. But it wasn't until years later that I finally finished another full manuscript (this time a Romance) and decided to submit it....while I held my breath and prayed a lot!

YAY! It was accepted. I was on cloud nine. And even though it's a much used cliche, "The rest is History" really does say it all for me. Now, eight published Books, and two Shorts later, I'm still writing and still managing to stay sane. If you knew me, you'd know that's a big accomplishment! LOL!

Along the way I've also managed to become a Freelance Editor for an Arizona Publisher, and a Book Reviewer for the major Romance Publishing Houses. I do the Reviews on my website, , under "Kari's Korner Reviews" page.

As for personal, I spend my time being my elderly dad's 24/7 Caregiver. I'm a professed "Book-a-Holic" with over 3,000 books in my personal Library (and counting!). I love to paint and I love working on my doll house miniatures ---both hobbies when ever I get the chance.

My latest Release is SPELL-KISSED, with and like most of my books it's a Paranormal Romance. My last Release, UNDER A SHIFTER'S MOON won three Awards right after it was published.

Please do visit my site, and take a look at my List. I hope you find something that will catch your attention. I would love to hear any opinions:


Thanks for sharing your time with us today Kari. Your books sound fascinating and your experiences of rejection and then acceptance may encourage young authors to do the same.

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